2019 Outdoor Registration Now Open

The Goffstown Junior Grizzlies will play in the Northeast Junior High League.  The Premier league for preparing kids to enter High School Football.

There are 3 Age Groups - 

3/4 - Youth Grades 2 to 4 are eligible for this age group - ONE TEAM

5/6 - Junior Grades 5th and 6th are eligible for this age group - JV and Varsity Teams

7/8 - Senior Grades 7th and 8th are eligible for this age group - JV and Varsity Teams


Keys Rules - 

NO Weight restrictions for the Senior Team

Max Weight for Junior Team is 120 lbs for *Ball Carriers Only

Max Weight for Youth Team is 90 lbs for *Ball Carriers Only 

*Ball Carriers are Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers and Running Backs.  Tight Ends are only Ball Carriers when in a Wide Receiver Position, No Restrictions if they are lined up as a traditional TE.


Youth Team - No Punts or Kick Off Returns.  No Chop Blocking, Crab, Cut Blocks or Stunts on Defense. SAFETY IS OUR NUMBER 1 PRIORITY

Junior Team -No Chop Blocking, Crab, Cut Blocks


Junior Varsity Team This team plays before the varsity team and any player on JV can also play on Varsity if needed or capable.  JV is designed to allow quality game time vs MPR Rules which label a kid and do not allow for quality game time.

Varsity Team This team plays after JV and is competitive.  The goal of varsity is to play teams that are competitive but also promote skill development and quality game time.